Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ESP8266 Basic First Steps

As i wanted to add some outdoor sensors an create network devices I decided to try "ESP8266 Basic" after using Lua for some time.
A big advantage of ESP8266Basic is you can update, edit and load new programs using your browser over Wifi. The disadvantage (compared to the Lua) in the current version some commands / instructions are missing. However there are also some very nice additional commands / instructions.
I wanted to use modules described in my blog a year ago  as these modules have a battery pack included.
After downloading and unpacking
the ESP8266 Basic software i connected a  USB cable to my
 module: (3 pins at bottom)

Red     VCC +5V  (not connected)
Black   GND
Green  TXD
White  RXD

I closed the jumper to flash the program.
3 x 1.5V batteries are needed to power the module (do not use the USB 5 Volt !)
Connected the USB to my computer.
With lua program i checked the com port (it was on com 2 of my computer)
Flashing - ESP8266 basic was easy if the right com port is known. See the flashing instructions
(I used a special USB cable not the Arduino in the article on the ESP8266 Basic website).
You can also check this article to find the com port !   After flashing remove the jumper.
With my mobile i connected to the ESP access point that shows up if no network is configured / available.
With the browser on my smartphone i went to The screen in my version has a tab [Settings] to go to the Settings Page where i configured access to my network.
After powering / reboot the module now connects to my home network.
I did some tests, some details will follow in other blog posts.
A (strange) issue i had with the device is when i added a login key for protection. Perhaps due to an error entering the keyword i could not get back in the device.
Finally i decided to start over again and re-flash the ESP8266 module with ESP8266 Basic. Programs i entered would be lost,.so do not forget to backup your programs on your computer!!!
After flashing the second time i could not find the ESP standalone network .......
The module was already connected to my home network !
Re-installing ESP8266 Basic did not remove the network settings. (Some little programs where lost.)

I added a login key again and this time i had no problems entering again by typing the keyword.
(This keyword is open transmitted over the Wifi network!)

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