Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Mini 2 port RJ45 Network switch

Some remarks about the mini 2 port RJ45 network manual switch in my mailbag 2023 Q4-4 post
Why did i not use a normal switch or router so i could connect two network devices at the same time.
Yes if you want to operate multiple network devices at the same time other (most times better) options are available!
However i did buy it for special applications.
The manual switch is relative cheap (i did pay Euro 3.45) and can also be used for other things  

You can switch anything that goes over the wires, not only network (using an adapter to RJ45). Also you get a real physical separation of a device when disconnecting. Below some more picture of this device.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Mailbag 2023 Q4-5 (Quansheng)

Part 5 of my 2023 Q4 Mailbag post

This part of the Q4 mailbag post  is dedicated to Quansheng and accessorizes (Some can also e used with other radios. 

Quansheng Radio.

Yes, i could not resist the Quansheng portable transceiver.
They are relative cheap and it is also possible to hack this radio by uploading modified firmware.
The first one did not have a USB (emergency) power port however it included the USB data cable. Therefore (and to do some experiments i did buy later a second one that had USB C.
The third one i did win in a lottery.
I expect i will put some posts about this device as it is interesting what you can do with it.
As they are not expensive, you can easy take them outside even to rough conditions.
And yes, i am a licensed HAM radio amateur, so for me (in The Netherlands) it is (currently) legal to own and use it.
Battery eliminator for Quansheng. In the charging station the Quansheng (and other porto's) should not be used (especially NOT for transmitting).
With this battery eliminator it can be used without a battery by connecting it to a 12 volt car plug (or another 12 volt power source). 

This is a cheap small Baofeng microphone
It can also be used the Quansheng. However according to posts on internet sometimes a small modification is needed.

In fact it was below 2 euro's so i did buy 2.

This headset was not sold for the Quansheng however i want to use it with my porto's and it was also very cheap.
The main advantage compared with a separate microphone is that you can listen without spreading all the sound in your surrounding.

APRS cable to connect a porto to an audio device (e.g. a smart phone.) With this cable you can e.g. do APRS radio (another interesting topic for a blog posts.)
"Relay (repeater) box" with cables to connect 2 transceivers to act as a repeater, Not only the device in the box is interesting. Also the cable with the two kenwood type plugs to connect to the transceivers 

Waterproof plastic bag / case (for Quansheng)

RH770 Dual band 144/430 MHz Antenna

Don't know if it is really worth the ten euro's, however it is always nice to play with.
Cheap Abbree AR771 SMA Antenna

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Mailbag 2023 Q4-4

Part 4 of the 2023 Q4 Mailbag post
with cables , switches and a 12V lamp

10m PET Elastic Woven 10mm Wire Mesh Black

To guide and protect wires and cables
(I have plans to use this in my new to build shed.
To protect you can put cables or wires in this 10mm mesh. )

(Power) cable (5m) with connectors (male/female). I ordered several of them as the price was low as i can use them with my mini portable uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Antenna cable (2 m)

A longer antenna cable (20m)

Mini 12 Volt led light
A relative cheap high power 2 color LED light

Toggle switch

Some switches

Some other switches with wires

Mini 2 port RJ45 Network switch.
This is to manual switch between two RJ45 ports. It is NOT to connect two devices at the same time to a network.

6p JST Female to Female cables

50pcs small JST GH 6 pin 1.25 chasis parts Male

10pcs 2.54 JST connectors with 22AWG cable