Tuesday, July 16, 2019

SMD project

To get more experience with SMD soldering i build this led chaser.
The circuit of this running light consists of a 555 timer to make pulses
 and a 4017 counter. Both ICs are SMD and also the two condensators C1 and C2 and the other 12 resistors.
The photo below shows the difference is size of a "standard" resistor and an SMD resistor.here are also small SMD leds, however "standard" red led lights are used.
To my surprise the SMD intergrated circuits where more easy to solder than the resistors and condensators.
I used a soldering iron, flux pen, tweezers and a magnifier glass.
The video shows the working circuit. As you can see the  wires of the leds are not cut off as i wanted to attach Dupont connectors to do some more experiments with this small cheap Aliexpress DIY circuit.

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