Monday, May 15, 2023

Mailbag may 2023

Time for a new mailbag blogpost (may2023). 
There are still some weeks in may left and i am expecting some more items. However after last mailbag post i received already several items and it is time to post a small selection.

Raspberry Pi extension to breadboard.
To get the Raspberry Pi GPIO connection pins easy to a breadboard

Raspberry Pi Extension hat.
To plug in multiple extensions to a Pi. At the moment i will use this only to connect the extension to the breadboard and at the same time the ventilator for the cooling of the Pi.
USB connectors.
The connectors i ordered only have wires for the power. There are also availables with wires on all ins.
Some cheap screwdrivers /  voltage testers.
I had an old one for many that was broken and repaired with tape. Now i ordered a set of 10 new. I did put them in different locations and some toolboxes (and did put some in stock). 
A small and cheap wifi camera.
Several different ICs/ chips for projects. (I did not put all pictures)
Privacy clips for smartphones / computers.
Easy temporary cover a camera lens for privacy.

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