Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Mailbag July 2023

A new mailbag post with some backlog mail.
(I planned to post this July mailbag begin Augustus, however it is already end August and some new interesting products have arrived for my next mailbag blogpost.

USB External soundcard.

As i want to experiment with audio signals i did buy an external to protect the sound chips of my computer

USB External soundcard.

Another sound card.
I was happy to have ordered 2 different cheap soundcards as my first experiments where more successful with this card that with the other one.

USB receiver

QRP Tranceiver
More connectors

Nice storage bag for cables
Cheap bluetooth USB led strip

A review of this product was already published on my blog

Air T split with valves

I want to make a ventilation system in my new shed using the Inline Blower.
This is a T splitter with 2 valves for the ventilation system.
This corner pieces also to use for ventilation system
Some more valves for the ventilation system
Cable binders (black)
Cable binders colored
Heatshrink, always good to use for electronic projects, you can never have enough
More connectors
Connectors with a small cable
Portable antenna
I hope to make a dedicated blogpost about this antenna 
Dupont / crocodile clip cabes

Mosquito killer lamp

And even more connectors

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