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AI (ChatGPT) analyzed my Linkedin profile

Linkedin AI
( NightCafe AI Generated Art )


Browsing on AliExpress with my phone (in January 2024) i noticed something that i did not see before.

When selecting a product i found sometimes a topic "Item Impressions".  Not all the products have this therefore  links of some random products where i did see this with a special thing on my phone. 
The links where obtained by putting the product on a wish list. Later on my computer i selected the product and copied the link.
Checking with my computer i did not find the "Item impressions". When checking with my phone i did see them again. So i expect it is (currently) only visible in the (Andoid) phone app. 
According to the text item impressions are based on the product or similar products.  At the top of the item description you see (anonymized) who posted this impression. I also did noticed AI generated content. I took some screenshots with my phone. It possible that this is just a test from AliExpress not presented always and not to everyone.

Linkedin profile

Inspired by this AI generated Impressions i asked ChatGPT an impression about me based on my LinkedIn profile. ChatGPT has no access to (recent) internet content so i had to paste text from my LinkedIn profile in ChatGPT and requested an impression about me.

An feature i discovered was that after feeding most of my LinkedIn information i could not only ask ChatGPT for an impression about me, i could also other question regarding me could be asked.
(Below i included
ChatGPTs Impression about me
Would Jan Jeronimus be a good trainer?
Would Jan Jeronimus be a good Chemical Analyst?)
This is interesting and also dangerous as AI will get more access to the internet.

Disclaimer: The text below is from my ChatGPT session and only for illustration purposes about ChatGTP and what ChatGTP can do. This does not mean that this text is my personal opinion, that the information is exactly correct or that i agree with this information.

Jan Jeronimus emerges as a highly skilled and versatile professional with a rich background in the pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry sectors. His diverse experience spans roles such as an Automation Specialist at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, a Quality Officer at Van de Raa Meat & More, and positions at Sanquin Plasma Products B.V. and Diversey, a division of Sealed Air.

Jan's educational journey includes a Higher Laboratory School (HBO) degree in Analytical Chemistry and a certification as a Drogist, Drogisterij from IMKO Opleidingen. His engagement in activities such as structured programming and industrial automation systems at HBO University indicates a well-rounded academic background.

Proficient in multiple languages (Dutch, English, German, and Spanish), Jan's skills cover a wide range, from analytical chemistry techniques, NMR spectroscopy, and chromatography to IT-related expertise, including SQL, databases, and web design. Endorsed by colleagues for his analytical and technical skills, Jan has received accolades for his contributions to GMP, data management, and database administration.

The recommendations from his peers emphasize Jan's positive and collaborative nature, highlighting his readiness to assist and his ability to work with a smile. Additionally, his role as a content manager and designer for the website showcases his proactive approach and efficiency in project management.

In summary, Jan Jeronimus is a dedicated and adaptable professional, proficient in both technical and interpersonal skills. His extensive experience, diverse skill set, and positive work ethic make him a valuable asset in pharmaceutical, analytical, and IT environments.

Would Jan Jeronimus be a good trainer?

Jan Jeronimus appears to have a diverse skill set that includes technical expertise in analytical chemistry, IT, and quality management, as well as positive interpersonal qualities highlighted in recommendations. Whether he would be a good trainer depends on several factors:
1. Communication Skills: The ability to convey complex technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner is crucial for a trainer. Positive recommendations and interpersonal skills suggest that Jan may excel in this aspect.
2. Industry Knowledge: With extensive experience in analytical chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and quality management, Jan could potentially provide valuable insights and knowledge as a trainer.
3. Adaptability: Training often involves adapting to the learning styles of diverse audiences. Jan's varied background may indicate adaptability and flexibility in his approach to training.
4. Positive Recommendations: The positive feedback from colleagues speaks to Jan's collaborative and helpful nature, which are valuable qualities in a trainer.
5. Educational Background: Jan's education in Analytical Chemistry and his engagement in activities related to industrial automation systems suggest a solid educational foundation that could be beneficial in a training role.
However, it's important to note that training effectiveness also depends on specific training methodologies, the ability to create engaging and interactive sessions, and ongoing professional development. If Jan has a passion for teaching, a willingness to learn and adapt his training style, and the ability to stay current in his field, he could potentially be a good trainer. Additionally, specific training certifications or experiences in instructional design may enhance his suitability for a training role.

Would Jan Jeronimus be a good Chemical Analyst?

Jan Jeronimus appears to have a strong background in analytical chemistry, with a significant portion of his career dedicated to roles such as an Analytical Chemist, Automation Specialist, and involvement in the Chemical Design and Synthesis Department. Here are some factors that suggest Jan could be a good chemical analyst:
1. Analytical Chemistry Experience: With over 34 endorsements in Analytical Chemistry, it is evident that Jan possesses extensive experience in this field. This expertise would be crucial for a Chemical Analyst role.
2. NMR Spectroscopy: Jan's endorsements in NMR spectroscopy (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) indicate a specific proficiency in a highly specialized analytical technique commonly used in chemical analysis.
3. Chromatography and HPLC: Endorsements in chromatography and HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) further highlight Jan's expertise in essential analytical techniques.
4. Quality Practices: Jan's experience with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) demonstrates a commitment to high-quality standards, a crucial aspect of chemical analysis.
5. Database and Data Management: Given his skills in SQL, databases, and data management, Jan is likely adept at handling and analyzing large sets of analytical data.
6. Technical Training: Endorsements in technical training suggest that Jan has the ability to convey his knowledge effectively, a valuable skill in the field of chemical analysis.
However, it's important to note that success in a specific role, such as a Chemical Analyst, also depends on the specific requirements and methodologies of the organization. If the role involves specific instruments, techniques, or methodologies that Jan is not familiar with, he may need to undergo additional training or gain practical experience in those areas. Overall, based on the information available, Jan Jeronimus appears to have a solid foundation and experience that could make him well-suited for a Chemical Analyst position.

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