Saturday, July 6, 2024

Measuring Resistance of Fuses with a Milliohm Meter and Kelvin Clips -4- (Self Resettable fuse )

Recently i received this 30A self resettable fuse via AliExpress.

As you can see on the pictures on one side is printed:

A                        (i don't know yet what this means)
Suppl. Prot. 
LINE  LOAD (to mark te connections).

On the other side of the self resettable fuse has the tekst

ZHONGZUI 78 Series 30A
125/250 VAC 50/60 Hz  50VDC 

And symbols suggesting that the fuse had passed some tests.

And yes i tested it with my Milliohm meter by connecting the Kelvin Clips.

The measured resistance was only 0.002 Ohm

I don't know what the resistance will be under normal use contions, however is was happy surprised with this low resistance !! 

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