Friday, September 2, 2016


Tested a voice record and playback module 1820 that i want to use in a domotica project.
I provided power to the module with an Arduino.
  • Red REC button needs to be pressed to record a message ( 10 seconds max)
  • Black PLAYE button plays the recorded message (complete)
  • Black PLAYL button plays the recorded message until released.

On the module are also REC, PLAYE and PLAYL pins to use a micro-controller ( e.g. Arduino. or ESP8266  )

Both 5V and 3V3  (to use in a ESP8266 project) give reasonable voice quality however the volume is quite low.

Changing from 5V to 3V3 gives no significant difference in playback volume.
After switching the power on and off the module still can playback the recorded message.
When recording it is best to speak close to the microphone (on the PCB board.)
Especially for playback outdoor or with background noise more volume would be needed.
I had planned to make Wifi controlled voice recorder with ESP8266. However due to the low output volume i decided to not (yet) permanent create this project. Perhaps i need to add a (cheap) amplifier.

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