Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Flexible USB led light -1-

Making a custom flexible USB led

Building a flexible USB led.
It is possible to buy a cheap flexible led (or fan or other device) with an USB connector. It is more fun to build your own where you can use some special led's.  I created several different flexible USB devices. A fast flashing RGB led gives a nice effect.
The USB connector provides 5 Volts. After selecting a  led your own choice add a small resistor to limit the current. Shortened the legs of the led and added long red and black wires for power connection.
Led and resistor with red and black cable
 and  flexible hose.
With transparent heat shrink it is possible to isolate the wires and keep the resistor (value) readable.
A flexible oil hose (also available on Aliexpress) is used as a housing to make it flexible and stable at the same time. In this version i removed the connectors from the hose. It is also possible to change the hose length.
 For the power connector i used also some USB connectors from Aliexpress, an USB connector from an old cable can also be used.
At the USB side of the hose cut away some of the plastic of the hose to make later a better connection. Take care to connect the + to plus and - to minus. By pushing wires and the led inside the hose you can cut the wires easy to the desired length.
After soldering i pushed in the USB connector back in the hose. With the correct wire length the led will just pop out of the other end of the hose. With hot glue the USB connector is glued to the hose.
USB connector and USB chassis part
 for testing and checking plus and minus.

Links to some Aliexpress items i bought (in 2019) to use in this project.

Fast RGB Flash leds
20 pcs 5mm Fast RGB Flash Red Green Blue Rainbow Multi Color light emitting diode Round Rainbow LED can change more than 7 color  (  € 0,89 for 20 pc)
Emitted Colour:RGB Rainbow Fast Flash
Rainbow LED can change more than 7 color
long life 100000hrs (Voltage in the range of)
Energy saving and high efficiency
Super brightness
Operating temperature: -20 to 55°C
Storage temperature: -30 to 80°C
Forward Voltage(V):3-3.2V
Forward Current(mA):20
View Angle:About 25 degree
Luminous Intensity:Highlight
1 / 4W resistor corresponding voltage (For reference)
12V for 470 ohm/ 5V for 100 ohm/ 7.2v for 220 ohm / 9v for 330 ohm / 13.2v for 560 ohm

WSFS Hot 10PCS Round Nozzle 1/4PT Flexible Oil Coolant Pipe Hose Blue Orange For CNC Machine Lathe Milling Cooling Tube Retail    (  € 6,00 to € 7,00  for a lot with 10 pc)

10Pcs/Set DIY USB 2.0 Type A Male 4P Adapter Connector Plug Socket with Plastic Shell (10 pieces for 1,90 euro)

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