Wednesday, August 14, 2019

SMD led breadboard friendly.

I wanted to do some easy prototyping with SMD leds (and other components).
SMD components are available in different (small) sizes.
One of the ways I made the SMD leds breadboard friendly is as follows:

1) Put an SMD led and a long Dupont pin connector on your workbench,
2) If the SMD led is somewhat bigger remove a pin (the second pin) from the connector.
3) Tin the Dupont connector where it needs to be connected to the led.
4) Push the Dupont connector on the led and solder by heating the connector. If needed add a little solder.
5) Cut the connector on the desired size (2 or '3' ) pin.
6) Test the led and the connections using a led tester.

By cutting the connector after soldering it is more easy to push the connector on the led and making the solder join.

On the picture you see at the left some end results and at the right a "standard" red led as size reference.
On the bottom left a " big" SMD led with a Dupont connector with the middle male pin removed.
The other 3 SMD leds are smaller leds that fit on two pins.

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