Friday, December 13, 2019

Business Card PLUS (#002)

PCB Business Cards
Yesterday I posted a short quick message on my blog to show my Business Card PLUS have arrived.
I decided that my (classic) Business Card needed an update. I still have several of this paper business cards. As the information on them is still up to date i don't like to throw them away as waste. So will still use them but, if i become more happy with the Printed Circuit Board  - Business Cards i expect not to order new paper cards. I wanted a business card that can be used.
The price of manufacturing this PCBs in China is low. To get PCBs in low quantities relative cheap best stay under the size of 100 mm * 100 mm and the minimum order is 5 pieces. By "panelizing" the PCB you can even get more PCBs. I don't like to throw away unused PCB's. Perhaps if i need a PCB for future project perhaps i will design them so the PCB can also be used as a business card.
However a few weeks ago i started designing a (test) PCB especially to be used as a business card.
'classic' Business Card
Panelizeing the PCBs gave multiple PCBs with a break line for easy separation. As the manufacturer needs to add some text to your PCB to identify the order between all other orders i a added borders and asked the manufactured to place there ID on the boarder. I even changed the size of the PCBs a little from the standard size. This way two PCB/Business cards can be placed on one 100*100 mm PCB. As the minimum order is 5 (< 100*100 mm) PCB you will get after separating them 10 cards. ( In fact 10 panelized PCBs where ordered ,so i now have have 20 new business cards / PCBs that can be used different ways.
The disadvantage of my new card is that it is not possible to write something on the back.As i also have plans to add RFID with a sticker (also usable with classic paper business card) this can change).
To quick start, this first PCBs contain no QR. code. However i did add a ruler to the design.
The PCB can be used for electronic circuits in different ways. On my blog i will post some examples with test results and hope it will work in this first batch of PCBs. If not i can still use this batch as 'regular' business cards. If you get one of my PCB business cards and want to dispose it, consider giving it to someone else who perhaps can use it.
Also i would be happy to know how my PCB business cards are used (or only the [complex] PCB). Comments on this blog, mail, about this topic is welcome. I will share the Gerber files so you can (adapt and) order your own PCB if you don't get one from me. New blog post about this PCB will be published soon.

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