Sunday, December 15, 2019

SMD Leds breadboard friendly -2-

August 2019 i published how to make SMD leds breadboard friendly with Dupont connectors.

Another option to make SMD components more breadboard friendly is to using a PCB. I found some SMD PCBs on Aliexpress and ordered 3 lots with 10 PCBs. (30 PCBs in total)
The PCBs arrived some days later in my mail in a small envelope. See "Mailbag" picture on the right. They match DIP 8 format and you need to break them apart yourself.
Besides for DIP 8 IC's these PCBs can also be used for other SMD components.
For a test I soldered some different SMD leds on them. To solder the Dupont pins to the PCB i used a small breadboard to temporary fix the Dupont pins at the right positions.

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