Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Dual frequency RFID reader -1-

For RFID experiments i also have a cheap dual frequency RFID reader with enclosure from my old mailbag. Bottom side of the enclosure is open. The size is about 7,5cm * 11,5 cm. A resin protects the components and a connector with wires (30 cm) is included.
It contains not only a 25Khz and 13.56MHZ  RFID reader. Also a led and buzzer is inside this enclosure.
For the RC522 RDIF reader there are several examples on the internet. For this reader i did not yet find much instructions. Also i and did not yet test the module.

Website of manufacturer ( Chinese)

Website with use example (Only RFID not using buzzer or led test)
The page contains links for code and more info to

Additional info on this page
Google translation of some text on this page about temperature sensibility
Special Note
     1. If the product with a temperature resistance of 60 degrees is placed in the gate, the direct sunlight at noon in summer will seriously affect the IC card reading function. The product with a temperature resistance of 80 degrees can work stably.
     2. The sensitivity of card swiping of temperature-resistant 80-degree products is higher than that of 60-degree products.
     3. It is recommended to use the pedestrian gate only, which has good adaptability to the metal environment.
    4. The default stock color of the product is carbon black. If you need white, please communicate with customer service if there is stock.
  5. The temperature-resistant 60-degree dual-frequency read head has been discontinued and needs to be ordered.
Due to the (poor translated) text above i expect better to keep the module out of direct sunlight if possible.

According the internet the following cards can be used:

 13.56MHZ /
 ISO14443 TYPE A

  1. NXP_Mifare1k
  2. NXP_Mifare4k
  3. NXP_Mifare mini
  4. Ultralight (C)
  5. Mifare  PlusX(S)
  6. Desfire  D21  D41  D81 
  7. NTAG203(F)
  1. EM4100
  2. EM4200
  3. JT120 (??)

A Chinese mini manual was included when delivered from AliExpress. In this first post about this module only some info, pictures and a first try to translate the manual using google translate. Hope it will be soon possible to make a next post about this module with some results.

Access control card reader simple manual
This product is a high-performance radio frequency card information reading device independently developed by our company.
 It is an excellent product composed of very simple and reliable circuits and efficient control programs. 
Complete the RF card reading task.

Performance index: 
  • DC 9 ~ 15V
  • 50 mA 
  • ID 125Khz IC 13.56MHZ 
  • current operating frequency XW 125Khz & 13.56MHZ \ 
  • 100ms RiU
  • Wiegand26, can be switched to Wiegand34
  •  EM41XX series low frequency card (ID), ISO14443A standard (IC) 
  • > 100 meters and control The output format of the card transmission line about the response time of the card reading supports the card type data transmission distance equipment protection working environment temperature protection level power supply reverse connection protection, the data line voltage protection 
  • -10 degrees to 60 degrees 
  • Sealing type IP65

RedVCC?? DC9-12V
BrownFormat?? Weignad 26??
GND ?? Weignad 34??



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