Sunday, October 4, 2020

Metal detector -1-

Recently i did buy this cheap DIY metal detector kit at Aliexpress.

Here some pictures of the parts ant the assembly. Soldering the components was not very difficult. As i wanted to use the power screw terminals in another project i soldered two Dupont pins instead for the power. In fact is was a three pin male Dupont pin where i removed the middle pin. The two outer pins where at exact the right distance on the PCB.

Below the circuit diagram for this metal detector found on the internet 

I did build and tested the device powering it with 3 1.5 volt batteries (=4.5V) on the Dupont pins. My device continuous gives a signal that changes a when near metal. Changing the pot meter gives a change in the sensibility.This metal detector continuous gives a sound. Don't know if this is due to an error or intentionally. I did not do much troubleshooting to see if it was due to an error made during building and if i could improve it as i don't like it.

This is part -1- of my post about a metal detectors as i also ordered another cheap metal detector and i want to compare them.

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