vrijdag 20 november 2020

Found Emma 02 an RCA 1802 emulator

Just found Emma 02 , an 1802 Emulator that can emulates several RCA 1802 systems and could not resist trying a quick install, and it worked.

Internet home         https://www.emma02.hobby-site.com/
(Download             https://www.emma02.hobby-site.com/download.html )
Facebook               https://www.facebook.com/emma02.emu/
Github                    https://github.com/etxmato/emma_02

After the easy installation on my windows machine i did run it.
On the tab "Elf" i pushed at the [Start] button. (bottom left)In the green terminal screen 'For help type HELP.' at the >>> prompt type FOR NEW  or FOR OLD start a Forth.
(It is also possible to type FORTH , and the system wil ask OLD or NEW ) 

It is also possible to emulate other 1802 systems e.g. the COMX-35 (an RCA 1802 computer i never owned) that runs a Basic version.

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