Thursday, December 3, 2020

My first programmable Car

This week i took some picture of my car to share on my blog.  It is a "Fantastic Car with a Brain". You program the car and you decide the action,

This Hasbro Amaze-A-Matics programmable car comes with some plastic strips with ready to use programs. Also some cardboard strips are included that you can cut to create your own "programs". 

The card with the program is pulled under the car along two mechanical sensors on the left and right.
One side contains information for the wheels ( Left Straight Right ) and the other side info for the motor ( Forward, Neutral, Reverse ).

The programmable car was one of my toys as a child and i expect the first programming experience.
So below probably the first 'programs' ever that i created. Perhaps you can even find my first programming bug. (The white cardboard ones are my programs. The plastic black one is one of the programs the came with the car.
I remember cutting my own cardboard when i used up the pre-printed cardboard provided with this car. 
As the "program" contains no (conditional) branches or loops. In my current definition, i would not call  it a real program. This 'programmable' car (see picture below) perhaps moved me in the direction of computers and Ford Forth. 

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