Thursday, January 21, 2021

2021 January Mailbag

 Some items in from my january 2021 mailbag from AliExpress


A PCB with 16 buttons and 8 seven segment displays and a driver that looks nice to use for I/O in projects e.g. with an Arduino.

10PCBs with 4 buttons

PCB with 4 Buttons

10 PCBs with 4 buttons each.
The PCBs and buttons are somewhat smaller than expected. (About 32mm*8 mm) However they are relative cheap and can be used easy in projects. Expect to use some with Dupont pins for use on a breadboard, some with wires and some direct soldered in projects. Also the next item is a reason that i did buy this cheap 4 buttons on a PCB.

433 MHz receiver / transmitter.

10 sets 433 MHz receivers and transmitters. Each set has 4 channels. I do not know if the signals interfere. It would be easy to connect one of the 4 button PCBs above with one of the 433 MHz transmitter. Where i ordered them antenna's where not included. However there are instructions how to make simple antennas for the receiver and transmitter.  I hope to find time to make an antenna set and test this item and post an update with more details on this blog.

UV Lamp

On AliExpress i also found this relative cheap 220 - 110 Volt UV Lamp. I ordered the 220Volt version without power plug and it came well packaged in foam. With a real UV lamp never radiate living tissue, your skin and take special care to protect your eyes.   I don't know if it really is an UV lamp and if it can be used for disinfection.   I have somewhere a UV detection card to test it. I decided to give it a try, perhaps it will be useful to radiate my postbag items. I did not test it yet.

Arduino CNC Shield

As i have on my long term wish list to experiment with a 3D printer / CNC machine or laser engraver i ordered this shield for an Arduino Uno. For the upcoming months i already have other plans, so this will become a long term project. However as i do not know how easy it will be in the future to get items from AliExpress i decided to already but this Arduino Uno Shield. 

 Arduino Mega and Enclosure

This two items (on one photo) where a little disappointing. It are two separate items bought from the same seller at AliExpress. On the right an Arduino Mega. On the left and middle a cheap enclodure to protect the Arduino Mega. When the enclosure came the top plate (in the middle of the photo) was not broken. This was due to my fault! I was surprised how easy it brake. I have mounted several similar enclosures for Arduino Uno's. This was the first one for Arduino Mega. The top plate from the enclosure (on the photo in the middle) dropped from table height on the floor and did brake.
Mounting of this cheap enclosure on the Chinese Arduino Mega clone was already a problem so unfortunate it was not a big loss. On this Arduino Mega the power and USB connectors are not on the exact right place so it did not fit in the holes of the enclosure. I think i will only mount the Arduino Mega on the base plate. I noticed the base plate has also holes for using it with an Arduino Uno what is a plus for this enclosure. For an Arduino Uno the holes fit exact so i expect the problem is the Arduino Mega. However i want to inform readers of this blog about the two minus points:
The top plate of the enclosure is fragile.
I think the power and USB connectors on this Arduino Mega Clone are not on the exact right position, so it does not fit in a 'standard enclosure'. 

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