Monday, June 3, 2024

Mailbag 2024 Q2a

Time for a 2024 Q2 mailbag blogpost. Some of these items i received in 2024 Q1, however i did not take time to post it in a mailbag blog.

In this mailbag are also some items not ordered via AliExpress.

(This post is Mailbag 2024 Q2a as perhaps soon i will post Mailbag 2024  Q2b.) 

JCD 5pcs Gold 2.5 mm Male to 3.5 mm Female Stereo Audio Headphone Jack Plug Adapter Converter 3.5 mm male to 2.5 mm Female

3.5mm TRRS 1/8" Male To 4 Port 3.5mm Female Splitter Cables Cable Earphone Mic Audio Adapter

And yes, i also sometimes buy and read books.
This was delivered to my home (not from China)
'Work the World with DMR'

A set of different inductors 
from 1 uH up to 4.7 mH

Inductor power: 1/2 W
Inductance tolerance: 10%
Packing quantity: 200 pieces (10 pieces per model)
4.33*3.54*1.10 inches

1 uH x 10 Pcs
2.2 uH x 10 Pcs
3.3 uH x 10 Pcs
4.7 uH x 10 Pcs
6.8 uH x 10 Pcs

10 uH x 10 Pcs
15 uH x 10 Pcs
22 uH x 10 Pcs
33 uH x 10 Pcs
47 uH x 10 Pcs

100 uH x 10 Pcs
150 uH x 10 Pcs
220 uH x 10 Pcs
330 uH x 10 Pcs
470 uH x 10 Pcs
680 uH x 10 Pcs

1 mH x 10 Pcs
2.2 mH x 10 Pcs
3.3 mH x 10 Pcs
4.7 mH x 10 Pcs

Adjustable strength glasses from AliExpress. They where relative cheap and I did not expect much of it and it is product that i can NOT recommend.
I can not post a link to the page where i ordered it as this page is not available anymore. 
I hope to publish soon a special blogpost about it. 

USB power cable with a switch
I use it for a Raspberry Pi and am very happy with it.

Universal USB Type C 5V 3A Charging Cable For Raspberry Pi 4 Power Cable With ON/OFF Switch For RPI 4 Model B RPI 4B Compute

I did buy this 2.8 m stand to use with (mobile) antenna and want to post lateron about this on my blog.
I not yet have a suitable pictures to post. 
SH 2.8M Stainless Steel Light Stand Heavy Duty Load weight 10kg Photography Studio Support Tripod For Led Light Photo Studio

pH paper

100 Strips PH Value 4.5-9.0 Alkaline Acid Litmus Testing Paper Tester PH Meters Paper For Urine Water Aquarium

(More) pH paper

100pcs PH0-14 Test Paper Laboratory Household PH Test Strips Indicator Scientific Litmus Alkaline Acid Testing PH Test Meter

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