Thursday, August 4, 2016

Slicing pictures (1) SHIFT CTRL J

For the InfraRed codes of the remote control on this blog i have sliced several pictures of remote controls to separate the buttons.
I received some questions and comments. Some readers want to know how to slice the pictures. I do not want to put all answers here in one long boring story or stop publishing about the ESP8266. Therefore I will post the next weeks one day a part of as serie about the slicing (and Adobe Photoshop) with some answers.
On another day every next week I will post IRcodes of one remote control. There are some articles ‘missing ‘ about some of the ( 37in1 or other ) sensors with the Arduino and i like to post (each week one article?) about this also. Posting an article about the ESP8266 Wifi and/or ESP8266Basic (with a (37in1) sensor or a project) is also on my todo (and wish) list.

In this blog article the first part of the serie about Adobe Photoshop with tips how to slice a picture of a remote control using "Adobe Photoshop Elements 6". And yes, you also can use other versions or the GIMP.
With newer versions you can also automate some parts of this slicing process.
You can do the slicing first in layers and afterwards save each layer as a separate picture. As there are several articles about using layers for editing pictures (and perhaps better written than i can do) i am not going to explain the concept of using layers.
Some tips and trick of using the layers i am going to explain. I expect you already have picture (of a remote control) that you want to slice in different pictures opened in Photoshop and saved as Photoshop format.
Most times the picture will be in "the background" layer, and that is not what i want.
- Make in a new layer a copy of the picture and rename the layer to ORG (the original picture as backup)
- Make in a second new layer a copy of the picture and rename the layer to EDIT (the picture you are going to edit).
- Delete the background layer.
- Hide (with the "eye") the ORG layer
- Select the "EDIT" layer.
- Make a grid visible to get horizontal and vertical helplines (In the menu [View] [Grid] )
- We slice horizontal and vertical and most times we need to rotate the image to adjust the positions of the buttons from the remote control { menu [Image] [Rotate] [Custom...] enter the angle and select right or left }
- Do the rotation in one time; If the angle is not correct undo ( Control Z) and try a better value.
- Now you are at a nice point to save the Photoshop file so you can come back here if something goes wrong.
and I am on a point to explain the Photoshop command SHIFT CTRL J
- Make a selection of a part of the picture in the EDIT layer.
- With the command SHIFT CTRL J you cut the selected part and put it in a new layer !
Next week i am going to explain the naming convention of the files for my sliced pictures.

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