Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Slicing pictures (4) using it for IRremote

The slicing of pictures of a remote control and using it for InfraRed remotes with IRcodes measured with IRsensor on ESP8266 ( or Arduino ).
Currently i store the IR remote codes from each remote control in a spreadsheet with tabs/pages for each remote control.
There are columns in the spreadsheet with
  • The IR code
  • The location A01 B01 etc on the remote control
  • Text on the remote control button (As text, for numbers enter ‘1 to force 1 as text
  • Remote control function without special characters ( FF,  not >> etc.)
From this you can make in other columns the HTML code for a table:
Use something like this as a starting point.  
<tr><td> A01.jpg </td>
<td>       B01.jpg </td>
<td>       C01.jpg </td>
<td>       D01.jpg </td></tr>
<tr><td> A02.jpg </td>
<td>       B02.jpg </td>
<td>       C02.jpg </td>
<td>       D02.jpg </td></tr>

Change code to display the picture  <img src="A01.jpg" > with formulas in your spreadsheet.  
Add the IRcontrol code and the function description as output in your table. You can also use the spreadsheet to create ( ESP8266Basic ) programming code like

Let IRcode_Power = “012435”
Let IRcode_Mute = “013335”
Let IRcode_CannelPlus  = “022435”
Let IRcode_CannelPlus  = “025535”
Let IRcode_VolumePlus  = “062235”
Let IRcode_VolumeMinus  = “061135”
Let IRcode_1 = “014435”
Let IRcode_2 = “015535”
Let IRcode_3 = “016635”
Let IRcode_FF  = “051135”
Let IRcode_FB  = “052235”

To avoid programming code like  Let IRcode_>>  = “051135” i included in the spreadsheet not only >> >| but also a column with the function without special characters (  FF Play , Pause,  Stop.)
The data from the spreadsheet can also be pushed an ( MySQL ) database to use it with a home automation system.

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