Friday, August 12, 2016

Soldering iron (Aliexpress)

On Aliexpress i found a CXG 936d Digital LCD Adjustable temperature Electric Soldering station Electric soldering iron 220V 60W.There are several versions available. I needed 220V and wanted also some additonal tips. I ordered  one at Aliexpress - store Shenzhen Winnertech Electronic technology co., LTD

I knew it would have a non EU power plug but an EU adapter converter is included.
Two weeks after ordering i received my new soldering iron. (For orders from Aliexpress this is real fast!).  All was according to the description.
Using the EU power adapter converter works fine in a standard power socket. However it does not fit in the grounded socket that i used for my previous soldering iron. The soldering iron has a ground wire with a alligator clip (same length as the power cable).
To put it a bit out of the way i used some tie wraps to put it together with the power cable  to just after the power switch in the power cable.
There is a little manual included (see PDF/scan) that i can not read as it is in Chinese.
The soldering iron heats up very fast. With the two buttons on the iron you can adjust the (set)temperature. A dot (and the display of the actual temperature) indicates if the temperature has not yet  reached the setpoint.
I am very happy with this new soldering iron.
Two minus point are
- the power cable (perhaps i will replace it) and
- the Chinese instruction manual (not needed yet to use this nice soldering iron.).

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