Monday, March 2, 2020

Car 12V interface

As (most) electronic projects need some power source i decided to create some tools for projects regarding power.
A long time ago i made a lab regulated power supply using a B3603 power and current regulator having a plus and minus banana-plug outlets. I also made some cables and connectors.
Recently i 'hacked' a car cigarette lighter socket containing 3 car power sockets and two USB connectors. I just cut the connection cable between the socket and the plug.

To the cables of the plug i added crocodile clips so i can use it to power projects from a car cigarette socket.

To the cigarette lighter socket cables i added banana clips. I also added a small box with a small DC voltage meter and female banana plug sockets. I can put the banana plugs in a 12 volt source. Check the voltage and use it on the sockets, the cigarette sockets or the USB power connector.
The reason that i added a small cheap voltmeter is that i not only want to use my lab power supply as voltage input. I also want to test batteries and other power sources perhaps with buck/boost convertors.

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