Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Arduino Uno enclosure

Today received some new mail items for Aliexpress. In the past i received items form each seller separately. However the last months i notice packages from several sellers get combined. I receive now packages containing several separate little packages.

Arduino Uno in enclosure (Front)

One item in my mailbag of today was a plastic Arduino enclosure. They are relative cheap and i have seen several pictures and video recordings where using this enclosure.
I ordered some to check if they fit my needs. Until now i used several times plastics plastic screws with my PCBs to put them better on my table.

Arduino Uno in enclosure (back)

 I like the plastic enclosure. I did find some little disadvantages:

  • Some Arduino shields have relative short legs and do not fit as nice as without the enclosure.
  • When putting a shield for the first time you must bend the shield legs a little, which is done better without the enclosure.
 Also in this blog a photo of the manual for assembling this enclosure. The enclosure came with a spare M2 screw and nut.

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