Thursday, December 10, 2020

Testing two interesting 220V led light bulbs

 Recently i received two interesting main volt light bulbs from Aliexpress . These two light bulbs are both equipped with sensors. One has a PIR motion sensor. The other mentions a radar sensor. They both give light when someone is near the bulb and it is dark.
From both lamps several versions are available (Warm of Cold white and different watts).

PIR Lamp

Induction Lampe LED E27 B22 LED Night Light Lamp With PIR Motion Sensor Light bulb Luminaria Auto On/Off Detection Energy-saving.

I ordered 12W Cold White. And indeed it looks very cold white

"Radar" Lamp
Radar Motion Sensor E27 Led Lamp Bulb E27 85-265V Auto Smart Infrared Body Sensor Light Bulb For Home Stair Porch Aisle Garage
I ordered a 10W Cold White version

To compare the light bulbs i used a lamp socket with a main ( 220V ) connector and did some tests.
The led lamp with the PIR sensor has a little (additional) ball on top (for the sensor).
The led lamp with the 'radar' is, by just looking at it difficult to distinguish from an ordinary led lamp.

When connecting to mains both lamps first go on. I did not check if this was due to the design or due to the fact that i was near the bulbs.

After the last detection both lamps turn off after a delay of about 25 seconds.
After that they both only light up when sensing something if it is dark.
However the lamp with the PIR sensor is more sensible to light and for this lamp it needs to be a little more dark than for the radar lamp to turn on again when approaching the light bulb.

I did some simple tests to see if the lamps turn on when inside a bag, a box, or behind my computer screen. The lamp with the radar sensor was a little more sensible than the PIR sensor lamp. However the radar was less sensible than expected. So i have some doubts if it is really equipped with a radar sensor or just has another type of IR sensor. 
Also during these experiments when placing the PIR sensor in a bag it randomly turned on an of when nobody was near.

For a more extended test two lamps of a similar wattage should be tested including a power consumption measurement. Also a tear-down of the lamps would be interesting to check the sensors used. Especially for this 'radar motion detector lamp'.  At the moment i will not do such an extended test. I have seen some video's and there are several lamps with radar included. I don't know if there is a lot of variation between the sensibility of these lamps. 

To really know if these motion detection lamps will suit your needs and which lamp will be the best for which situation you will need to test them in the real location where you want to use them.

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