Thursday, November 24, 2022

Big Clive Supercomputer November 2022

After building several 'Big Clive Supercomputers' (Blinking LEDS) i decided to also create a PCB version. On the top are the LEDs and on the bottom SMD resistors. Also there is a two pin Dupont connector. 

PCB Size 10cm*10cm  4 mounting holes, Led matrix 7*7 

I ordered black PCBs using the JLCPCB PCB service.

For the first PCB i used all Red LEDs and no resistors to save components. (i just bridged the resistor connections with some solder) and tested it using my LED tester.

The video below is from my Youtube channel

On my Github page the Gerber file can be found and also a page with links to my other pages about this project..

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