Tuesday, November 22, 2022

RJ45 to Dupont

Made this weekend a RJ45 to Dupont connector. This to easy test and use RJ45 wires also for other purposes.

To test  RJ45 Ethernet connectors and wires i already have a nice Ethernet and wire tester. Sometimes you want to connect something else to your Ethernet wiring that does not have a proper RJ45 plug. I wanted to be able to change the order of the pins therefore i used i pin Dupont connectors. 
Afterwards i realized that it would be nice if i could easy put them in the correct order. Therefore i should have added first a 'dummy' empty 8 pin Dupont housing after putting the one pin Dupont pins. Perhaps a next time.
For now i added a log 8 pin female/male Dupont header together with this cable in my toolbox. 

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