Sunday, December 3, 2023

Voltage tester - screw driver

This colorful screwdriver is not Dr Who's ultrasonic screwdriver, however it is still an interesting device. Already when i still was young i had screwdrivers with voltage testers. However his modern version can not only detect mains live but also the neutral !  

It is advertised as "Intelligent Voltage Tester Pen AC Non-contact Induction Test Pencil Voltmeter Power Detector Electrical Screwdriver Indicator" . (The price in Q4 2023 is around one euro ).
In contrast to the classic voltage tester they contain a battery,
Below some text and screenshots from the vendor website on AliExpress with the specifications ans explaining how to use this voltage tester/.


Battery model: LR41 X 3 (Included)
Measuring range: voltage 70-250V
Bit material: chrome vanadium steel
Shell material: ABS
Size: About 140x20mm/5.51x0.79in


1. High hardness and good electrical conductivity
2. Maintenance electrical measurement / screwdriver assist
3. Humanized clip design for easy electrical maintenance and portability
4. Fully insulated anti-fall material, durable and improved safety performance
5. Self-checking LED high-brightness bulbs: high-brightness works smoothly and is still clearly visible in the sun

Uses: can be used in electronic factories, electrical appliances, car maintenance, household, etc., widely used


1. Neutral line/live line detection: the test result LED red light and green light indicate live line, green light indicates neutral line
2. Detection along the line: LED light on means the line is unblocked, LED light off means the line is disconnected
3. Wire switch: if the plug and the inner core of the wire are intact, the light will be on, and if it is not on, it means that the core wire is in poor contact

Self check
N.B. : This is a screenshot. Not a video !
Neutral and Live detectionFinding breakpoints
Voltage range

(Discount price for 20 screwdrivers Euro 18,19 )

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