Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Mailbag 2023 Q4-2

 Part 2 of my 2023 Q4 Mailbag post.
These are some other random items.

A non electronics item. Some gloves

This is a Male to Female USB C measurement device and has a small display.

Some more  USB items 

This for cooking, not for electronics. It is a bag with some special food paper inlays for our airfryer

Dupont cables

More (other) Dupont cables

Another non-electonics item.
Bags (i also got some other colors)

Connectors (4 pin audio) with cables

Chassis parts for the 4 pin audio connectors

Wire cutter(s) / scissors. I needed new ones as the one that i already had several years did not cut as good a before. Also for a special occasion i needed extra.

Voltage detector screwdrivers. For a special occasion i needed several of these. They do not only detect voltage. These modern ones (with a small battery) can also detect ground.
I want to also make a special blog post about these nice voltage detectors.

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