Sunday, December 10, 2023

Mailbag 2023 Q4-4

Part 4 of the 2023 Q4 Mailbag post
with cables , switches and a 12V lamp

10m PET Elastic Woven 10mm Wire Mesh Black

To guide and protect wires and cables
(I have plans to use this in my new to build shed.
To protect you can put cables or wires in this 10mm mesh. )

(Power) cable (5m) with connectors (male/female). I ordered several of them as the price was low as i can use them with my mini portable uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Antenna cable (2 m)

A longer antenna cable (20m)

Mini 12 Volt led light
A relative cheap high power 2 color LED light

Toggle switch

Some switches

Some other switches with wires

Mini 2 port RJ45 Network switch.
This is to manual switch between two RJ45 ports. It is NOT to connect two devices at the same time to a network.

6p JST Female to Female cables

50pcs small JST GH 6 pin 1.25 chasis parts Male

10pcs 2.54 JST connectors with 22AWG cable

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