Wednesday, November 11, 2015


KY-012 37-1 13 Active buzzer module

After testing the KY-006 Passive buzzer module i wanted to test this KY-012 active buzzer.

The active buzzer  continuously makes sound and only needs power to function.
Example for the KY-012 Active buzzer i found on internet did not function in my first test. I almost did think my buzzer module was not functioning well. The active buzzer only needs power i decided to wire Pin S  directly to the +5V and Pin - to Ground of my Arduino. The result of this test was no sound! I reversed the polarity and the alarm sounded.
I don't know if the problem was my version of the KY-012 module. With S connected to ground and - connected to the Arduino control pin i could use the module!
Later i checked and  they used a similar connection as i did. They had an additional connection;
middle pin to +5 V


  • Pin -      Arduino Pin 9
  • Pin (middel)   not connected (or +5 V )
  • Pin S             Arduino Ground

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