Monday, November 16, 2015


Arduino KY-034 Automatic flashing colorful LED module

After successful testing several modules of my 37in1 sensor kit for Arduino here a less successful story.
I tried tried the Arduino KY-034 Automatic flashing colorful LED module
The program example i found used pin13, the same pin as the standard led on the Arduino.
Wiring it up seemed quite simple: S Pin 13 and -  GND.
I tried it and it did not function ! Changed wireing and the program to pin 12 did not help.
Decide to try it directly and connected - to GND and S direct to 3.3 V on my Arduino. Still no light; however after a few seconds the led started glow very little and after that i heard a little tick and the led went dark after only one little no so colorful flash!  I expect i have blown up this special led.
As i want to publish the test of all the 37in1 sensors i also publish this story:

 I have not been able to successfully make my 
 KY-034 module work (yet) ! 

Perhaps i need to try this later with another KY-034 module ( YB-3120B4PnYG-PM ) .
I have seen a video where it worked :

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