Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Arduino_KY-023 XY axis joystick module

Expected that it would be very easy to test this sensor with the script below as i wanted to use it also for an Arduino project with a servo.
Result: X an Y functioned correct Push button gave problems.
Tested push button separate using the simple key switch KY-004 method using the led (pin 13) on the Arduino  (This script used D10 not D3 for the button )
Result: Key push not function on my joystick !!
Tried another KY-023 XY axis joystick module: button worked. (Led on / Off depending Joystick pressed yes/no)
Tried the KY-023 script below with this other KY-023 module.
Result: X Y functioned . Button works better but still gives some problems: If pressed signal is 0. If not pressed, most times signal is 1 but some noise on line gives sometimes signals 0.
On the joystick module a debounce resistor is not on the module and it is needed for some applications. There is a location for an SMD resistor on the PCB.  Better de-bounce is needed!


  • MS ( key) Arduino D3
  • VRy (Joystick y ) A1 
  • VRx (Joystick x ) A0 
  • +5V +5V

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