Saturday, November 28, 2015


Arduino KY-025 Reed module

My version of this module has
2 leds:   power led and sensor led
4 pins + , G A0 (analog out) and D0 (digital out)
one IC( comparator ) and some resistors an a variable resistor (potmeter)On the internet you can also find a digital output only version of KY-025.


  • D0 (Digital Signal)                 Arduino D3 (Only needed for Digital )
  • + +5V
  • G GND
  • A0 (Analog Signal )        Arduino A0 (Only needed for Analog  )


Function (Digital)

If power connected to the module the power led is on.
When a magnet is close to the sensor also the sensor led on the module is on and the pin 13 led on the Arduino will go on also.


On The Net i could not easy find an example using the KY-025 A0 analog pin.
I cloned an existing analog sensor script and tried it.

Function (Analog)

The reed sensor can only be closed (with magnet) or open (without magnet)  !!
With magnet i get the value is 1,  without magnet  1023.  Perhap the value can be changed with the potentiometer. (I did not try this.)

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