Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cables USB / Power cable

In my waste i found an old USB power connector cable.
The connection cables (2 cables) where very short but still could soldered.
You can find more and more devices using an USB powered cable. I expected the USB connector could be used to make a power cable (e.g. to connect to my regulated power supply from a previous post.
I searched on the internet to find out the connections. On is this picture:
USB: Ground / Data+ / Data- / Power (5VDC)
( This, and more info can also be found on wikipedia  )
With my multi-meter i checked the connections to find out which of the two wires is the power + and which is the ground - wire.
I soldered two wires (Red to power + and black to ground - ) to the connector and used heat shrink tube to insulate the wire. Each wire is insulated separate and after this heat shrink is for botch wires.
On the other side of the cable i added two banana plugs.
After checking the connections and checking for possible shortcuts with this my multimeter the USB power adapter cable was ready.

To use it with a (B3603) regulated power supply set the voltage to +5V and a (protective) limited max current.
I am very happy with this USB adapter. Perhaps when i will make a new lab power supply i will  include a fixed 5V output with USB connector.

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