Thursday, June 22, 2017


At Aliexpress i ordered 5pcs/lot PAM8403 Super mini digital amplifier board 2 * 3W Class D digital amplifier board efficient 2.5 to 5V USB power supply for 0,87 euro.
That is about 18 euro cents for a stereo amplifier module! This module has no potentiometer to regulate the output volume.
There are also other PAM8403 modules available, some with potentiometer(s).
There are also PAM8403 modules with potentiometer but they are much more expensive ( 0,57 euro )
On one i soldered Dupont connectors for easy access to us it on a breadboard or other temporary experiments. On another i soldered wires to two cheap mini speakers and also some Dupont connectors.

Interesting very cheap
 amplifier !

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