Monday, June 12, 2017

USB Logic Analyzer

On Aliexpress i ordered a cheap USB Logic Analyze 24M 8CH, MCU ARM FPGA DSP debug tool
( Current price 4,22 euro (June 2017) , In March 2017 i payed 4,43 ).

Plugging it in my computer i noticed two leds (red PWR and green CH1 ) and my computer detected an unknown USB device.
I had downloaded the latest version Logic+Setup+1.2.14.exe This program did not work for me! I fired up the program in Windows Vista and nothing seems to happen. (Perhaps to the old Windows Vista version).
On internet i found this article
with a link to Logic+Setup+1.1.30.exe
I this version  mentioned in this article worked!. It started a windows installer and after a few minutes i had
 a nice program usable with my logic analyzer.

On my device is printed CH1 to CH8 The software interface is mentioning Channel 0 to 7. CH1 is Channel 0, CH2 is Channel 1 and so on.
In the software the channels have a color coding. It can help if you use testcables matching this color scheme. (I ordered separate 10PCS test hook clips from the same seller. )

A simple testing run gave a straight line, also with the time set to 10 second and 1MS/s
During another test run i used a 1.5 volt battery and touched between GND and CH1
This gave my first interesting signal(s) to look at !
After this i tested my analyzer with some other signals (e.g. Signals on arduino led cube)
Later i discovered that, with the USB logic analyzer disconnected the software capture does a simulated capture and also gives an interesting ("test") signal.
The software does not only visualize the signal but has also interesting features to measure, analyze and decode signals.

Conclusion i finally have added an interesting device to my toolbox that i should have added earlier ! 

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