Wednesday, July 6, 2016

ESP8266 Basic controls laser KY-008

Using laser module with ESP8266

To actually control some hardware with the ESP8266Basic output test program i connected a KY-008 laser module.
Some of these KY-008 modules have power connections reversed so test the module first by connecting it with GND and the VCC pin (+3.3 V).

The "standard Red test leds" on my module are on with the Low signal and off with the High signal.
I wanted the Laser led behave the same way.
Therefore i connected the laser module to VCC  and a GPIO pin.

Reminder of you use GPIO4 or GPIO5; on my board  GPIO4 = 5 and GPIO5 = 4  (reversed see a previous blog post )

If connected between VCC and GPIO Pin <n>
[Set Pin <n>Low] will turn Laser on,
[Set Pin <n> High] will turn Laser off

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