Monday, July 4, 2016

ESP8266 SDK experimentboard

Some info about another ESP8266 SDK experimentboard
with ESP201

- pins for direct access to ESP201

- 2 USB connectors:
micro USB = Power
mini USB  = Power & Program

- 2 switches
- DHT11 temperature humidity sensor connected to IO4. Watch out how to connect the DHT11 as there are different versions of this board !
- 10K pot for regulator ADC input port
- RGB led  IO15, IO13, IO12
- White led IO14
- Relay coil (and green led)  IO16
- Buzzer (Active buzzer) IO5
- DIP switch

The hardware can be connected / disconnected using the DIP Switches

DIP Switch functions

R RGB Red IO15 ( to boot application mode must be on !)
G RGB Green IO13
B RGB Blue IO12
W White led IO14
J Relay coil (and Green led) IO16
B Buzzer (Active) IO5
K1 GND to IO15 ( same as RGB led)
K2 GND to IO0 ( same as S2 - ON to reprogram )

How to write flash
Power off board.
Keep S2 pressed power on.
Now possible it is possible to write the ESP201 flash with computer connected to mini USB connector (to flash LUA or some other system ( ESP8266Basic) to the ESP8266 )


Com Port problems
How do I find the device which has Com Port X reserved - want to reclaim the port number for different device.:

After using the mini USB this board a few times
 the mini USB connector did break off. (See picture).

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