Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ESP8266 Basic Thingspeak

In the ESP8266 Basic command list i found
some commands to use Thingspeak. I already had the DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor connected (and there is a LDR on the test board). Some time ago i created a freeThingspeak account and tried to use it with my home automation system. So it was only a little step to try the ESP8266 Basic Thingspeak API. This is in the "ESP8266Basic Language reference":


To get started with thing speak visit there web site at https://thingspeak.com/
You need to have an account and channel/api key all set up.
These functions will only work if the esp is connected to a network with the internet.
Will post the fields contents to the thingspeak service. Must use the thingspeak key and field number.

Will return the last value published for the desired field. Must use the thingspeak key, channel id and field number.

I want to record the DHT11 Temperature, Humidity and Analog input ( LDR )
First i tested one Channel and only one field to figure out the type of data (numeric or string) that was needed. When this was oke i  created 2 more fields on this channel
Field 1:  temp
Field 2: hum
Field 3: ana
and tried to write the data to this channel. In the program below key1$=key2$=key3$ = the secret key of channelA (and tested also some modifications of this program).
In Thingspreak i missed some data!
I tried  writing data in a different order to the fields i also missed data.
The best order to write data seemed  3 , 2 , 1 not 1 , 2 , 3
However the last field always missed data.
I played with delays and also with delays between writing to the Fields.
I created more channels did write date to different channels
( key1$= secret key of channelA,  key2$= secret key of channelB,  key3$= secret key of channelC)
Then all data did arrive!
I expect there is some little bug in the ESP8266Basic code or some strange thing.

PinDHT11 = 4
tkey1$ = "MySecretKey000000001"
tkey2$ = "MySecretKey000000002"
tkey2$ = "MySecretKey000000003"

DHT.SETUP( 11 , PinDHT11  )
html "<h1>Logging data and storing to Thingspeak</h1>"

html "<h2>Start Store and log</h2>"

t = DHT.TEMP()
h = DHT.HUM()
a = io(ai)
p$ = time() & ", Temp = " & t & ", Hum = " & h & ", Analog(ldr) = " & a
html p$

MyDatT = str( t )
MyDatH = str( h )
MyDatA = str( a )

SENDTS( tkey3$ , "3" , MyDatA )
html " ( Send 3 MyDatA: " & MyDatA & ") "

SENDTS( tkey2$ , "2" , MyDatH )
html " ( Send 2 MyDatH: " & MyDatH & ") "

SENDTS( tkey1$ , "1" , MyDatT )
html " ( Send 1 MyDatT: " & MyDatT & ") "

html "<br>"



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