Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ESP8266 Floor mat sensor alarm

Today a picture of an alarm step mat (Conrad 751913 bought some years ago)  with, recently added, a long wire and a connector.
The floor mat is somewhere under a carpet in my house. The connector is plugged in a ESP8266 module.
This is not a detailed project, only for inspiration and a message to inform you that my carpet is upgraded to an IOT device.
In the first version ESP8266 GPIO pins are connected to
- Mat sensor line
- Security / tampering wire (from cable, mat) 
- Buzzer (local alarm; Disadvantage this reveals where the module is hidden)
- Shock/Vibration/Tilt sensor (detect moving or tampering of the ESP8266 module) 
Perhaps later i add:
- IR sensor for infrared remote control (switch it on/off or "panic button signal"). Current only by Wifi / Smartphone)
- Tampering (opening of the ESP8266 module if this is in a more permanent 'safe" box) 
- External power sensor.  If external power is missing the module runs on backup power. If the module knows this it can react ( Send message , sound buzzer)
- Panic button (this also reveals the module)

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