Thursday, July 28, 2016

ESP8266 Input GPIO pins 4 and 5 not oke

One of my ESP8266 project did not work as expected. For the ESP8266 i used a module as below. In this project GPIO4 and GPIO5 where used as input. I made changes to the ESP8266Basic program, did measurements on the sensors....
Finally i removed the module from my project and replaced it with another module. The project worked as expected!
I tested the 'bad' module and it turned out that GPIO4 and GPIO4 on this module could not be used for input signal any more. Using GPIO4 and GPIO5 for output was no problem.
When connecting the pin (with a button) to ground the little red leds show if if the pin is connected to ground.
The input signal read by the ESP8266Basic program is always 0. On a similar 'good' module GPIO4 and GPIO5 are 1 if not connected and 0 if connected to ground.
Don't know is if the input circuit is destroyed during the life of this module or this is a software issue. Plan with this module is to use in in another project where GPIO4 and GPIO5 are used as output.

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